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Production ALFRA

Company Elektrostandart offers you the following products ALFRA:

ALFRA - is electric, hydraulic tools and equipment of the highest quality, saving you time. All for the client - it is our rule that we use every day in the confidence of working with clients, aimed at the result. Technical requirements of different markets - a constant incentive for us. Customer benefits lies in the use of innovative instruments and tools that facilitate the hard work - that is what we are putting into life!

Company Alfrey is one of Europe's most famous producers istrumenta wiring and equipment. The company began its activity, producing the magnetic drilling machines, comfortable faskosnimateli and center crown drill. In Russia, the greatest demand is a group of products to handle copper bus using hydraulic power and manual hydraulic system for stamping and punching metal products.

You can greatly simplify the process of drilling and cutting of metals in its production, using magnetic drilling machines and various drills and cutters, and other saw blades made of hard alloys. Now drilling and cutting of metals are much easier thanks to high-quality equipment. Robust cutter for DIN-rail or hydraulic cutter for cable channels will help you carry out assembly work quickly and accurately.

In addition, we offer you the wiring tool for punching holes in the metal power distribution cabinets (plain or stainless steel): hydraulic seals of various shapes and diameters. Multifunction shinogiby and cutters mark Alfra for electric buses will help you quickly and easily obtain the desired configuration of copper or aluminum bus. In addition, an assortment Alfra presented a qualitative tool for processing plates tires.

Quality wiring tool makes any job easier, whether processing power of tires on special devices or punching holes in metal sheets. Our equipment will allow you to expend less effort at work, while providing excellent results and the quality of your products.

Company's product range includes all the necessary tools to build the boards and for the highest quality, and sustainable energy systems installation:

  • Dies of various forms of metal sheet with a thickness of 3 mm;
  • Various types of hydraulic actuators for sheet stamps: Hand, foot, electric;
  • Machines for cutting and longitudinal-transverse perforating DIN-rails;
  • Machines for cutting cable channels;
  • Bending, perforating, cutting machines for processing busbar;
  • Special press steady performance for fast cutting of round, square or special forms in the doorway of cabinets, terminal boxes, cable channels, etc. without prior zasverlivaniya;
  • Magnetic drilling machines of various types;
  • Convenient faskosnimateli;
  • Pivot crown drills;
  • Cutters and saw blades and much more.

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